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Congratulations to all the VHCC major championship winners of 2016:

Member/Guest - Dennis Super and Dan Armstrong

Senior Cup - David Bennett

Club Championship - Chris Stricek

President's Cup - Lou McKeage

Ryder Cup - Jack Chanecka and Mike Dunlap

Well done, all!


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Total Course Yardage

Blue Tees: 6510 yds

White Tees: 6094 yds

 Red Tees: 5084 yds

Course Rating: 72.7/133

Hole 10

Par: 4
Yardage: 361/328/325

The back side starts with a manageable par 4 providing you keep your tee ball in the fairway. Your approach shot to the green requires precision, with a green guarded by bunkers on both sides a wayward shot will leave you with a testy up and down.

Hole 11

Par: 4
Yardage: 345/329/306

A short bender to the left which sometimes tempts the unstable to go directly to the green. Only 350 pine trees, a mound, 4 traps and a severely sloping surface stand in the way. Save your heroism for a saner gamble and play conventionally. A mid iron to the fairway by a short iron to the green will allow you a chance for birdie on the toughest green on the course.

Hole 12

Par: 3
Yardage: 168/165/154

A picturesque downhiller of middle-iron proportions. Strike your ball to the right of the pond or to the left of the sand, which is where the green lies. A guaranteed par awaits those who do so and subsequently two-putt.

Hole 13

Par: 4
Yardage: 360/318/256

Lucky hole for deft drivers and witty wedge players. The green is hardly larger than the tee and less fun. To the right of the green lies a slope that your ball best not communicate with. There’s a ditch and trees and a host of regrets at its base.

Hole 14

Par: 5
Yardage: 532/507/408

A less than worthy tee shot is a cause of watery anguish here on the longest of the par 5’s. Favor the left for safety and more run. The green is ribbon-thin and firm.

Hole 15

Par: 3
Yardage: 160/154/140

The shortest of the par 3’s with a wavy, irksome green. Avoid the right at all costs—there’s a cemetery of close lies down there and 15 exciting ways to score a double bogey.


Hole 16

Par: 4
Yardage: 361/336/320

Lay up to avoid the ponds on the right and trees through the fairway with most any long iron. Direct your 8 iron or so to the flag, and avoid coming up short and right at all cost, as your ball will find a watery grave.

Hole 17

Par: 5
Yardage: 489/478/352

The shortest of the par 5’s, number 17 provides the easiest birdie on the course. A drive down the right-center of the fairway will position you with a mid-to- long iron approach downhill to the green.  If you flirt with the left side of the fairway, you can shorten the approach, but risk ending up looking for your ball among the pines. Bunkers positioned short and to the left of the green pose few problems.

Hole 18

Par: 4
Yardage: 420/389/373

Regarded as the best finishing hole in Broome County by most. A long uphill par 4 requiring two well-struck shots to get home in regulation. Once you find the green the fun begins: the two-tiered green makes birdies hard to come by, and a bottom left pin almost always results in bogey or worse. Walking away with a par nets you at least one on the field.

photo courtesy of Anthony Alise.

photo courtesy of Anthony Alise.

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